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Tube Ice Machine

Snowkey - High Efficiency and Energy Saving Plate Ice Machines

Tube Ice Advantages

  • Special ice making method to remove water impurity. The ice is hard and powderless.
  • SNOWKEY tube ice is hollow tube shape, is transparent, sanitary and environment friendly.
  • Several dimensions for your option. Outer diameter: 22, 29, 35, 41mm and custom to your requirement.
  • Compared with flake ice, tube ice has longer melting time.
  • Suitable for storing and transporting and applicable for several fields.
Tube Ice Machine Production Video

Tube Ice Evaporator

  • Refrigerant direct evaporation with high ice making efficiency.
  • Special water line design to guarantee ice quality (even thickness, beautiful tint, clean and sanitary) and water saving.
  • Special refrigeration loop design to greatly improve refrigeration effect and ice doffing efficiency.
  • The only moving part is the durable ice cutting system to guarantee the running performance and lengthen the service life.
  • Efficient heat conducting pipe to ensure meet the sanitary requirement of the whole refrigeration process and greatly improve the system refrigeration efficiency.

Tube Ice Machine Model & Performance Parameter

Flake Ice Machine Model and Performance Chart

Tube Ice Machine Features

High reliability & low fault failure.

80% component of the tube ice maker system are world famous brand. Through decades of research and practice, SNOWKEY products can run continuously without fault and keep good run and stable ice output even in ambient temperature 5 Deg.C /(-) 40 Deg.C Special designed machine can even allow normal run in most atrocities conditions((-)% Deg.C – (+) 56 Deg.C)

Scientific design

SNOWKEY tube ice maker has scientific design and can also make the best ice making system according to customer’s actual demand, with world leading ice making technology and processing & testing equipment. Each part is processed with strict technique and quality check.


Quality and Sanitary tube ice make is the aim of SNOWKEY. All parts contacting with water are made of stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316L and PE material. Tube ice produced is sanitary without smell, meeting HACCP and PDA certificate requirement.

Efficient & environment friendly

With stable continuous running, SNOWKEY tube ice maker realizes the running without energy wasting. Compared with other ice making equipment, SNOWKEY tube ice maker boasts the advantages of compact structure, small area, low production cost, high refrigeration effect and low energy consumption etc.

Module design & simple maintenance

SNOWKEY tube ice maker has module design for simple maintenance on site. Tube ice maker can be installed inside a standard container, very suitable for frequent moving occasion.

tube ice machine

Automatic control

PLC & HMI are adopted for SNOWKEY tube ice maker to realize one-key operation. Several sets of large system in parallel connection can be centrally controlled with remote control interface.

Plate Ice Applications

artificial skiing flake ice machine

Human Consumption Ice Plant

supermarket chains flake ice machine

Supermarket Chains

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