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Plate Ice Machine
Snowkey – High Effeciency and Energy Saving Plate Ice Machines

Plate Ice Machine Advantages

  • Ice produced by Snowkey Plate ice machine ranges from 5mm to 30mm in thickness and 20mm to 50mm in width and has no fixed shape. Its thickness and width maybe freely adjusted according to use.
  • SNOWKEY plate ice boasts even cooling effect, good ventilation and even constant refrigeration temperature. So it is very suitable for refrigerating aquatic products.
  • As transparent crystal, SNOWKEY plate ice doesn’t melt easily, so it can be stored for a longer time. Ordinary ice is opaque since it contains air bubbles and impurities and is small in density. However Snowkey Plate Ice Machines is pure in color & luster, hard, transparent, dry and powerless. Due to small surface area, it achieves better cold storage effect and spends 30% more time in melting than other types of ice.
  • SNOWKEY plate ice machine fully conforms to the certification requirements of HACCP and FDA. It can be applied to such fields as ice cold storage air conditioners, edible ice, aquatic foods, chemical industry e.t.c.
Plate Ice Machine Production Video

Plate Ice Evaporator

Plate Ice Evaporator Feature.

Plate ice evaporator mainly fall into two kinds namely, aluminium alloy plate ice evaporator & stainless steel plate ice evaporator. Plate ice evaporator adopts direct expansion systems and use R-22, R-404a or ammonia (NH3) as the cooling medium.

Evaporator manufactured with Special technologies

The 735mmx1445mm large-sized evaporator is manufactuered of pur pure stainless with the world’s most sophisticated laser-welding technologies. It boasts such advantages as sanitation, clealiness and no harm to human body e.t.c. It fully confirms to the certification requirements of HACCP and FDA and can be applied to fields in relation to edible ice. IT contains a number of evaporators in parallel connection and can produce 500kg to 600 tons of ice per day.

Special Water Circulation System

The raw material water flows evenly on the surface of the evaporator and gathers

Flake Ice Evaporator

into the water tank through the special water through at the bottom of the evaporator. Then the water is pumped to the water distributor in the top of the evaporator and returns to the surface of the evaporator to freeze. The said special water circulation system makes the surface of plate ice produced very smooth.

Mode of peeling ice at a high speed & without additional heat

Its unnecessary to introduce hot gas from outside since the hot Freongas produced by the plate ice machine itself is fed into the plate ice evaporator. Then within less than 1 min the plate ice that has already taken shaped fails down & breaks because of the pull of gravity.

Modular Design


The machine body adopts steel welding and galvanised structure, whicch boasts anti-corrosion, high stability and ensure good running in various hard working conditins. The machine service life is thus prolonged and the maintenance cost is according reduced.

Plate Ice Machine Model & Performance Parameter

Flake Ice Machine Model and Performance Chart

Plate Ice Machine Features

industrial plate ice machine
SNOWKEY Large-Sized Plate Ice Machine Features
  • Extremely economical, minimum initial investment, small energy loss and low operating cost.
  • Strong ability to store cold, super reliability, high efficiency and supplying stable and reliable low-temperature heat exchange fluid.
  • Full automatic control, a few operators needed, design of low breakdown rate and small maintenance expense.
  • Improving environmental protection, reducing energy and lessening discharge of greenhouse gas.
  • Quality after-slaes service and strong technical safeguard.

Full Automatic Control

  • We are using electric control systems of Siemens, Schneider etc which are famous in the world, so that the service life of our equipment is longer and the maintaining cost is reduced.
  • Full automatic control improves the refrigeration performance of the compressor to the best condition and the COP value improved. Energy-saving and high efficiency is realized.
  • The machine can easily operated in a direct-viewing way. Such signal as simple screen configuration and detailed parameter adjustment of the whole machine can be displayed during the maintenance time.
  • SNOWKEY plate ice machine can realize high speed data exchanging such as chain information from production menu to production data. Therefore the working efficiency of design, installation and maintenance is effectively improved.
  • SNOWKEY adopts full electric system which complies with the general international standards.

Plate Ice Applications

artificial skiing flake ice machine

Edible Ice Making Factory

supermarket chains flake ice machine

Supermarket Chains

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