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Flake Ice Machine
Snowkey – High Effeciency and Energy Saving Flake Ice Machines

Flake Ice Machine Advantages

  • Flake ice machine provides greater cooling effeciency than other type of ice.
  • Directly formed at low temperatures, ice flakes are (-) 8 Deg.C
  • Once formed, ice flakes are dry, clean, beautiful in shape, sanitary and convenient as they as don’t form lumps.
  • Relatively big contact area and good mobility can ensure their full contact with refrigerated objects to realize good preservation effect.
  • Without any acute edges and corners, ice flakes cannot damage the surfaces of refrigerated objects but extremely benefit storage and delivery.

Flake Ice Evaporator

Special Design, high efficiency and energy saving.

The internal structure of flake ice machine evaporator is designed to improve head conduction efficiency of the inner wall and to keep the loop unblocked with special technology.

The internally-scrapping ice-making mode is been adopted. Under this mode ice blades scrape ice on the inner wall of the evaporator while the evaporator itself doesn’t move. It reduces the loss of energy as much as possible, guarantees the supply of cooling agent as well as lowers the probability of cooling refrigerant leakage.

Special Material

In terms of material for the evaporator, a special kind of imported alloy is adopted. Its head conduction performance is superior and conforms with international standards for refrigeration and pressure containers.

Flake Ice Evaporator

Special Processing Technology

Special technology of processing alloy material is adopted for the flake ice machine evaporator. We have specially researched and developed a set of technology of welding, surface treatment and stress elimination. Besides we have also adopted sophisticated equipment of welding, heat treatment and stress eliminating as well as photo furnace.

Water Return System

The  water flowing down the inner walls of evaporator flows through water pan at the bottom of the evaporator and then into the water tank. The large area design and structure of water reception pan ensure that no water leaks from the bottom of ice flaker ad avoid lumped ice flakes. This ensures optimum consumption of water for flake ice machine.

Flake Ice Machine Model & Performance Parameter

Flake Ice Machine Model and Performance Chart

Flake Ice Machine Features

Two Refrigerant Options

A. Freon (R404a, R22) refrigeration units are usually applied in the small and medium size refrigeration systems.

B. Ammonia (R717) refrigeration units are usually applied in large scale refrigeration

Scientific Design

SNOWKEY flake ice machine offers you the best scheme of tailor-made ice machine system. We have not only supplied lots of ice flaker systems to customers from various places but also offered technological consultancy.

Safety & Sanitation

SNOWKEY always aims at manufacturing the products up to high sanitary standards. Every component is made of SUS30 stainless steel, pure aluminium alloy or PE material, so none of our ice machine fail short of the international certification standards of HACCP and FDA.

High reliability

Equipment structure is designed for resistance to high load & long term use, through several decades of research, SNOWKEY has manufactured highly relialbe flake ice machine equipment that can produce high quality ice and stand over 26,000 hrs of constant operation without breakdown.

High Effeciency & Energy Saving

We have optimized the design of ice flake units to ensure that our internally-scrapping ice flake units can function constantly without wasting energy. Special alloy ensures efficient heat conductivity. Our machines produce more ice with same compressor capacity than most of our competitors.

Easy Moving & Simple Maintenance

All our equipment is designed on the basis of modules, so its spot maintenance is quite simple. Once some of its parts needs replacing, it is easy for you to remove the old parts and install the new ones.

Adaptability & Stable Quality

All SNOWKEY products can ensure good running and normal ice input at environmental temperature of 5-40 Deg.C and special designs are available for unfavorable conditions. Our ice machines can be installed inside of a Container, also we can equip the container with air cooler so as to ensure smooth, stable temperature avoiding outside conditions.

Outstanding Electric Control System

SNOWKEY Ice Machines are inbuilt with electronic parts from globally reputed companies like Siemens, Schneider etc. This ensure long life and low maintenance cost. Full automatic control improves the refrigeration performance of the compressor to the best condition and COP is improved. Energy saving and high efficiency is realized.

Flake Ice Applications

artificial skiing flake ice machine

Artificial Skiing Resort


supermarket chains flake ice machine

Supermarket Chains


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