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Block Ice Machine

Snowkey - High Efficiency and Energy Saving Block Ice Machines
Snowkey Containerized Brine Tank Type Block Ice Machine
  • Integrative refrigeration system.
  • Special structure of evaporator coil can avoid frequent replacement resulted from corruption.
  • Dry type expansion evaporation reduces the dosage of refrigerant which guarantees safe performance of system.
  • Production capacity of single module is 2.5-10T/24H. For more capacity, we can use multi-module. There are block ice weights of 12.5kg, 20kg, 25kg and 50kg option.
  • The containers are ISO approved. High cube and open top containers are available.
  • There is no specific construction requirement. Solid ground is needed
  • The shortest time of equipment installation and commissioning lowers the cost and risk for customer.
  • Easy to move and reliable, transportable by truck or ship.
  • The refrigerants can be used worldwide and comply with international standards
Ice Making Tank
Refrigeration System
Ice Doffing
Containerized Brine Tank Type Block Ice Machine Models & Specifications
block ice machine model chart

Snowkey Non-Containerized Big Scale Brine Tank Type Block Ice Machine

In the traditional block ice production field, the similiar block ice systems are adopted. But SNOWKEY block ice machine has its own features.

  • Stable and energy-saving design.
  • Unique and excellent evaporator technique.
  • Simple and convenient maintenance.
  • Experienced team of installation and commissioning.

Reliable Refrigeration Unit

Appropriate lifting device

Simple operation of Ice Doffing

refrigeration system
lifting device
doffing device

Non-Containerized Big Scale Brine Tank Type Block Ice Machine Layout

block ice machine model chart

Aluminium-alloy Direct Evaporation Block Ice Machine

  • All-in-one refrigeration system.
  • Specially designed evaporator with efficient thermal conductivity.
  • Clean and sanitary block ice, suitable for human consumption.
  • Dry-type expansion reduces refrigerant quantity, makes the unit compact and safe with lesser breakdowns.
  • PLC controls & self-protects from breakdowns during water filling, ice making and harvesting.
  • Production capacity 0.5-10T/24Hrs with block ice weight of 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25kg.
  • High-cube container with ISO Certification.
  • Shortest installation and commissioning time, loved by the users.
  • Movable, transportable with truck and ship.
direct evaporation block ice machine

Block Ice Made with Aluminium-Alloy Direct Evaporation Models and Chart

block ice machine model chart
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